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British troops faced the revolution with violence: killing the demonstrator and banishing the Egyptian leaders.

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Russia later saw the war as an opportunity to expand to the west, supporting communist movements in eastern and central Europe.

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Secretary General, will come under heavy pressure from Russia to instruct his representative in Kosovo to annul the declaration from Pristina.

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China trying republicanism for most in western protectorate forces led many areas. It was challenged by no one except Japan, who later relinquished all her claims. What Are the Next Steps for the Movement? China and the World War.

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Allies were contemplating the enfranchisement of peoples oppressed by the Turks presented the spectacle of one group of Arabs being offered independence, while another, ruled by those very powers who were offering freedom to the Turkish provinces, was denied it.

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In no sense has Germany shown any readiness to play any strategic role in the world of foreign affairs of the kind both the British and the French have taken for granted.