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One conclusion can be drawn: an host administrator must have conscious control over whether or not a given host acts as a gateway.

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That being said the Ethernet protocol is designed to be robust, and does address some of the issues that arise from the Physical Layer.

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It corrects errors in the referenced documents and adds additional discussion and guidance for an implementor.

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PPP was originally devised as an encapsulation protocol for transporting IP traffic between two peers.

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The state is entered after Slow Start reaches its threshold, which is one half the last window size that experienced an RTO due to packet loss. In the Internet of Things, by comparison, autonomous electronic devices exchange information with each other over the Internet. The link layer protocols list will. The logical address is added.

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Source Route Options A host MUST support originating a source route and MUST be able to act as the final destination of a source route. IP networks can use the new hardware. IP datagram sends to destination.