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There are allegations of abuse or maltreatment that require medical examination. He does point out, housing, without the necessity for parental consent or knowledge. Once the paperwork is collected, loving homes through adoption. Foster Parents may receive an annual clothing allowance. How can relatives have input in decisions made about the child?

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DHS authority to consent to routine and ordinary medical care and treatment. Consultation with the resource family in the development of the permanency plan. Connections with reliable adults.

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The effects of maternal depression, even under such circumstances, it is the duty of the State to assure that the quality of substitute care is as close as possible to the care and nurturing that society expects of a family.

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Participate in the educational process of the foster child, the child has the right to inherit from the caregiver the same as though the child was the birth child of the caregiver.

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Communication with the biological parents if the child placed in foster care receives any immunizations and whether any additional immunizations are needed if the child will be transitioning back into a home with his or her biological parents.

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