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You look around and see that the town has no automatic car wash, and you decide a car wash would fit nicely with your interests. Retailers have to be prepared to accommodate much heavier traffic than normal during the holiday season. Capacity is usually planned on the basis of labour or machine hours available within the plant.

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In addition to throughput control, there must be quality control to ensure that finished goods, and by implication, intermediate parts and components, are of the specified quality.

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Capacity Planning Using Overall Factors, where production standards and the master schedule are used to develop a capacity plan. What is Resource Allocation? Bills of capacity is a procedure based on the MPS.

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Capacity planning interacts with the discipline of Performance Engineering, both during the requirements and design activities of building a system, and when using performance monitoring as an input for managing capacity of deployed systems.

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While the information is useful, it usually is limited and may only pertain to a few performance factors.

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