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If there are any errors or if it turns out that you as the seller are unable to meet the agreed terms, then an amendment will be necessary. The exporter will term it as an exporter letter of credit whereas an importer will term it as an importer letter of credit. The next person is the buyer who will be paying. Notify me of new posts by email.

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They are mainly used in international trade for transactions between actors, such as a buyer and a seller, in different countries.

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The buyer then has to make the payment of the amount on the due date of the maturity of the letter of credit.

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In such an agreement, the seller is the lender, allowing the buyer to pay at a later date than it actually took possession of goods.


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To move forward, the buyer needs to apply for a letter of credit at a bank in their home country.

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Issuing Bank is the Bank who issue a letter of credit at the request of the buyer or applicant.

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Export financing includes a variety of financial products and financial services that have in common the similar purpose or objective of providing the international financing and methods of payment that are needed to produce and ship export transactions.

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You could even say that a differed LC is a type of seller financing, allowing the buyer or the goods to turn around and resell the goods to a second buyer without paying any upfront costs out of their own pocket.