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British Airways is the carrier most likely to leave customers disappointed when they complain about problems and Ryanair takes the second place in this analysis.

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You need to practice your signature for five minutes? Thank you for contacting the Better Business Bureau. Thank you so much in advance. How do ba during her fault it did. Do you have a query or complaint you would like to mail? British Airways Vouchers: More Red Tape Than A Crime Scene? The standards for passports are set by IATA not the EU. Compare British Airways with other companies before you buy. The airline will be required to respond to you and the DOT.

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Responding to service failure was the focus of the most recent program, which was called Winning for Customers.

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Beginning of March, BA decided to cancel our flight. Notify me of new posts by email. The Customer Contact Iceberg. Bad news is that apparently I am stuck with the vouchers. Was anyone able to revert the decision?

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