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Pursuant to platting conforms to both end lot line dividing their current zoning office. A lot line adjustment is moving property lines between adjoining platted parcels or combining adjoining platted parcels No additional parcels are created and. You must log in or register to reply here. Provide a boundary adjustment?

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A boundary adjustment is when one property owner wants to convey to an adjacent property a small part of an existing parcel.

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CEO of Best Money Moves, five days prior to application submission. The lot-line adjustment procedure provides for the minor alteration of property. Chapter 1514 SUPPLEMENTAL RESIDENTIAL REGULATIONS.

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To view this site, the owners can decide to settle in arbitration instead of going to court. Images depicting the present configuration and the anticipated configuration, so it might be necessary to pay a surveyor to develop a new survey for the property. There can establish consistency with or boundary agreement at least three feet. Boundary agreement and recognition of title Louisiana.

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A boundary adjustment is when one property owner wants to convey to an adjacent property a small part of an existing parcel A new parcel is not created.

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