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The absolute value of a number is its distance from zero on a number line.

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The advantage of the algebraic approach is it yields solutions that may be difficult to read from the graph.


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Last semester, solving absolute value equations means finding the solution for both the positive and the negative values. What do you do when you have absolute values on both sides of the equations?

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Square Root Theorem can be used to solve quadratic equations of the form Take the positive square root of each side. Notice how negative and positive numbers are handled as each problem is solved. How do I write it?

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You can think of the absolute value of any number as representing how far it is from zero on the number line. Comments are always appreciated. Why Am I Telling You This?

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Our two previous units on exponent rules and polynomials have left some of my students with lower grades than last semester. Track your scores, break the radical in the numerator down into its factors. Please read the explanation.

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Notice that both numbers solve the original equation and therefore we have verified they are in the solution set.

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